Credit Union Nomination

Credit Union Nomination

Making it easier on those you care about

Credit Union Nomination makes things easier for those you care about when you’re gone. This facility is exclusive to Credit Union Members (set-out in the Credit Union Act 1997, as amended) and allows you nominate one or more specified persons to receive the value of your savings in the event of your death up to the maximum amount of €23,000.

The big advantage of this, which is not available in other financial institutions, is that your beneficiary will receive the monies very quickly without any complicated process involving Solicitors or probate.

“Rain or shine, Savings & Loans; Credit Union members get exclusive benefits not available at other financial institutions.”

If you haven’t set up a Nomination, we recommend you do

Even if you have set-up a Nomination, we further recommend that you consider if it reflects your current wishes.

Have you set up a Credit Union Nomination?

If so, does it reflect your up-to-date wishes?

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