The Annual General Meeting of St. Colman’s (Claremorris) Credit Union Ltd. will be held at the Dalton Inn Hotel, Claremorris on Thursday, December 18th, 2014 at 8pm.

[quote]All members are invited to attend.



Agenda for A.G.M.[double_line_divider]

  1. Acceptance of any proxies by the Board of Directors.
  2. Ascertainment that Quorum is present.
  3. Adoption of Standing Orders.
  4. Reading and approval (or correction of the minutes of the last A.G.M).
  5. Board of Directors Report. 6 Financial Statements and Auditors Report. Consideration of the Accounts.
  6. Declaration of Proposed Dividend.
  7. Board Oversight Committee Report.
  8. Credit Committee Report.
  9. Credit Control Committee Report.
  10. Audit Committee Report.
  11. Risk Committee Report.
  12. Nominations Committee Report.
  13. Motion to Amend Changes to the Standard Rules of the credit unions.
  14. Motion to increase Board size.
  15. Appointment of Tellers.
  16. Election of Auditors.
  17. Election to fill vacancies on the Board of Directors.
  18. Election to fill vacancies on the Board Oversight Committee.
  19. Any other business.